New York Comedy Club Boca Raton

50 Fairway Dr Deerfield Beach, FL 33414 (CLOSED)
New York Boca Raton

The New York Comedy Club in Boca Raton, hosts their open mics the LAST Thursday of every month.  Each month you will see a different line-up of comedians.  The lions share are serious comedians who have been working on their craft for a year or more, and do open mics to hone their material and work on new material.

There are also the hobby comics who perform occasionally for fun, or on a bet, or to impress their friends and co-workers, and then there are the first time comics, the “virgins” who you get to see perform on a stage in public for the very first time.  Could the comedy virgin you see be the next Jerry Seinfeld, or Chris Rock, or Dave Chappell?  You never know!  Everybody starts off as an open-mic comic.